Matt Johnston


Matt Johnston is a photographer and educator based in the UK. He has worked for a large number of corporate and private clients including Channel 4, Ocean Media, Build-It magazine and The Institute for Sustainability. A selection of his non-commissioned work is represented by Getty Images. Since 2009 Matt has also worked as a social media and audience consultant to a number of photographers, artists and educators, seeking to better understand and leverage audience engagement habits

Matt lectures at Coventry University  where he has developed innovative, open and connected teaching methods and platforms within the Photography BA programme including the world’s first photography class run as a Google+ Community and an iPhone and Android class app. The open classes #pibcod and #phonar, co-developed by Matt have received numerous plaudits from photography and education based peers and has led to a number of speaking engagements including the Open Education Conference 2012 held in Vancouver, British Columbia.