Consultancy Services and Business Advice

We offer a variety of high quality consultancy services and business advice to help you accomplish your objectives.

Re-Formation Associates can help by managing the business process for strategy development by guiding senior managers through the various workstreams that, together, will create a new mission, vision and strategy for your company. More about strategy development.

Re-Formation Associates undertake desk and primary research as part of market scoping studies prior to developing “Go to Market” strategies for new products or new markets. More about ‘go to market’ strategy.

Re-Formation Associates works alongside the SMT to ensure that customer facing departments meet the future needs of the business, customers and key accounts. We will build a customised programme for developing; customer-centric processes, individual and team relationships, solution selling, campaign and key account management (KAM) and planning. More about key account management consultancy.

Typically we will work with your SMT to tailor programmes that will ensure that the whole organisation is focussed on the customer and “fit for purpose” Our contribution will help to resolve current issues and provide you with the tools to drive sustained improvements throughout your organisation. More about change management.

Re-Formation Associates can provide one to one coaching and consultant facilitated workshops to; review structure and decision making processes, develop strategy and vision, ensure objectives are harmonised and streamlined. More about management consultancy.

Many of our Associates are committed to helping to develop the next generation of business people and, to this end, teach at a number of UK Universities. More on lecturing and teaching.

Re-Formation Associates is MAS Accredited

Re-Formation Associates is now registered on the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Directory. MAS WORKS for manufacturers. MAS provides a national service delivered locally. An experienced MAS advisor will help manufacturers to develop business/product strategies, enabling them to grasp innovative market and product opportunities. A MAS advisor will work with referred companies to reduce waste and maximise profitability in the company’s business and supply chain.