Change Management

Change is the only constant in every modern business – regardless of size. To succeed, businesses need both people and teams that are able to change; their behaviours, the way they do things and their relationships.

A new brand strategy demands change in the whole organisation. The Re-Formation Associates team takes a systemic approach to change management – in other words, once the brand strategy is agreed, we work with small teams of brand ambassadors in each function to implement change from within.

Philosophically we subscribe to the Kotter 8 stage model of change implementation and find that this methodology resonates with most medium to large organisations:

While Kotter’s stages are a good framework for discussion we are not prescriptive about this model. We don’t have a standard method change management because there are no “standard” companies. However, we follow these principles and know that applying these whilst taking account of your unique situation, will deliver the results you seek:

Re-Formation Associates is MAS Accredited

Re-Formation Associates is now registered on the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Directory. MAS WORKS for manufacturers. MAS provides a national service delivered locally. An experienced MAS advisor will help manufacturers to develop business/product strategies, enabling them to grasp innovative market and product opportunities. A MAS advisor will work with referred companies to reduce waste and maximise profitability in the company’s business and supply chain.