Sales, Key Account Management and Business Development Consultancy

Most firms now operate in a turbulent market, where change is the only constant. One of those changes is an understanding that the “salesforce” is more than just a promotional tool.“Sales” teams now need to have the skills and knowledge to manage customer relationships at a strategic level in order to retain and develop them from “customer” to “advocate”. Business Development teams need to know if they are genuinely developing business or selling.

How do you ensure that your sales people can adapt to their marketplace and continue to perform in revenue terms and enhance the customer experience? Just changing their titles from “sales” to “account manager” won’t work.

You need a catalyst for change to raise the game of every individual within the sales process. Re-Formation Associates works alongside the SMT and the sales director to build a customised programme. A programme that is started by helping you to decide what is your brand and what type of sales person you need to reflect that brand image and support your brand values.

Areas for improving team performance may include;

Activities may include;

Find out what we have done for Lurmark, Pager Power and Pinnacle.

Jenny Robinson

“Malcolm ran a sales course I attended. It was a very mixed group and he did a stellar job juggling the individual needs and aspirations of such a diverse group of people.”

Simon Smith, Sales Director Goss Interactive

“It was a very well delivered, well paced course that met the objectives. Andy is an enjoyable and focused presenter – made the day an enjoyable learning experience. Thank you”

Re-Formation Associates is MAS Accredited

Re-Formation Associates is now registered on the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Directory. MAS WORKS for manufacturers. MAS provides a national service delivered locally. An experienced MAS advisor will help manufacturers to develop business/product strategies, enabling them to grasp innovative market and product opportunities. A MAS advisor will work with referred companies to reduce waste and maximise profitability in the company’s business and supply chain.