Lecturing and Teaching

Here we profile the work of the Re-Formation Associates founder, Malcolm Johnston.

Malcolm is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire Business School and a guest lecturer on the MBA and BA Brand Management courses at Essex University. He has taught on a number of undergraduate and post graduate courses. His specialist areas are:

In addition, he has taught a range of professional, post graduate modules and courses, including; the CIM’s Professional Diploma in Marketing for Cambridge Marketing College and The Marketers’ Forum and he has recently been invited to deliver a course on International Marketing at the Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Recht in Berlin.

Malcolm’s research interests are in the field of top team buy-in to marketing strategy, global account management and the role of key account managers in implementing marketing strategies.

Malcolm is also a member of the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group, a network of industrialists and academics that debate and share, best practice techniques in B2B Marketing.

He has written for a number of publications including:

Anna Appenheimer, Student:

“Malcolm is a great teacher/lecturer who is very inspirational. He is engaging with the subject and brings across a lot of knowledge using real life examples. Because of his international practical experience he enriches lectures with his own experiences, so complex theories have been easier to understand. His lectures have been focused and he always had an ear for questions of students. Malcolm provides students with a lot of material always updating them on newest events concerning the subject taught. He was always driven to motivate students to deliver the best work they can. It was a pleasure to attend his course International Marketing for a semester at ARU.”