Management Consultancy

In a dynamic marketplace, conventional solutions no longer apply. And businesses which have grown quickly can suddenly encounter entirely unprecedented situations. Strategic planning becomes essential to drive growth and ensure the business can quickly adapt as markets change.

You’ve worked hard to develop vision and strategy; and re-engineered your organisation to deliver this vision and business growth. But what if you and your senior management team have found the results don’t match your expectations; particularly the lack of commitment to your vision that you see in your workforce? How do you develop new solutions? And how do you take your team with you and ensure they are aligned with the strategic plan? Re-Formation Associates will look at what’s happened more objectively and from a perspective of different experience and will help the senior management team to;

To help senior management to better understand their own style of leadership and develop a broader range of interpersonal skills, the Re-Formation team may introduce appropriate psychometric instruments and use behavioural modelling techniques on an individual or team basis. In a business situation these would tend to be:

The result will be a better understanding of the strengths and development needs of members of the top team and an improved ability to lead change in a complex environment.

Re-Formation Associates is MAS Accredited

Re-Formation Associates is now registered on the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Directory. MAS WORKS for manufacturers. MAS provides a national service delivered locally. An experienced MAS advisor will help manufacturers to develop business/product strategies, enabling them to grasp innovative market and product opportunities. A MAS advisor will work with referred companies to reduce waste and maximise profitability in the company’s business and supply chain.