Clare College

Re-Formation Associates’ consultant Malcolm Johnston was engaged by the conferences and events team at Clare College to help to improve their prospect conversion rate.

Malcolm set up and facilitated a series of half day workshops involving all of the team and, through the use of customer journey mapping, identified key areas for improvement and “moments of truth”. The workshops went on to explore how the sales and customer engagement process could be improved and follow on workshops are planned to ensure that the improvements are embedded into the team’s processes and behaviours.

Currently Michelle Tennens is managing the entire process of selecting a new supplier for the Clare College website.

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Sally Johnston – Manager, Conferences and Events, Clare College, Cambridge:

“I approached Malcolm for some advice thinking that we had a problem with our web presence. In fact, after some detailed questioning, it was clear that our problem was a lack of customer management strategy and a low conversion rate. The first workshops that Malcolm led helped us to map our customer journey. This highlighted a number of gaps in our processes but also some opportunities for “moments of truth”, many of which could be implemented without huge cost or human resource issues.

The second set of workshops focussed on how we dealt with customers and how we could identify, at an earlier stage, the explicit and implicit needs of different customer types. The workshops have helped my team to develop both “hard” process oriented skills and “soft” skills based around the application of some simple NLP techniques that will help us gain a better rapport with our customers.

All of the team have undertaken to deliver against a personal development plan devised after the last workshop and we’ll be answerable to each for progress in a few months time!

Malcolm’s interventions have helped us to see our customer management in a different light and he has given us some skills and processes that will undoubtedly help my team to deliver a better service and greater customer loyalty in the future.”