Communicate and Connect

Re-Formation Associates is pleased to host the fourth in a series of seminars aimed at helping local organisations and businesses to develop superior skills to help them survive and thrive in this tough economic climate. On Thursday 13th June at the Rural Business Centre at Writtle College, Christopher Jones-Warner will lead a workshop that will help delegates with:

This course is for you if you;

Christopher presents extensively on this subject and has many year’s experience training staff and managers in blue chip companies in and around London and Manchester.

For more details email Malcolm Johnston or Christopher Jones-Warner

Previous course delegates have commented:

“Very comprehensive and useful-to-learn tips about things I didn’t know that I needed to know.”

“Presentational Skills: learnt a lot – most enlightening. Effective listening – amazing how easy it is to engage people.”

“I’m more confident – in taking on this skill. Very interesting.”